Italian for foregneirs
Welcome to our language center! Finally you can learn the italian language and culture in a fast and efficient way, together with native teachers, with their own regional accents, who will guide you during your stay at our office. You will find a team always willing to help you and we will give you the possibility to participate in cultural events which allow you to live an authentic Bolognese life together with new friends, while we ensure you an unique and inimitable experience
No matter what age or goals you have, with us you will find a quality program. You can choose to follow either individual or group courses.
We use an entrance test to find the right linguistic competence level and a final test to evaluate your progress. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.
We prepare for the Italian certification exam for foreigners (CILS) for all levels from A1 to C2.
Written and oral comprehension, grammar, syntax and conversation will be developed using a communicative approach and the most advanced learning methods. We believe that the best way to learn is to combine classes with extra-curricular activities in Italian language. These will allow you to further interact with your classmates and to enjoy the ITALIAN and Bolognese experience.
You will be able to participate in our cinema sessions, singing, seminars on art, history and Italian literature and our guided tours around Bologna. You can use our services for free, including the internet.
In addition to textbooks we use video, dialogues, advertisements, music, newspapers, magazines, games, as well as debates and discussions to improve your listening and speaking skills.

A warm welcome to all Erasmus students! Besides learning Italian at our school you will find lots of other students like you who come to Italy to study. Also, our staff will give you valuable advice about Bologna, its towers, arches, cultural visits, restaurants, night life and lots of information about the most intriguing places to visit in Italy.



CILF offers translation and interpretation services in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and many others.
We guarantee high quality services at competative prices, on time delivery, archiving of tranlated texts (in case of revision) and complete confidentiality of provided data.
Our offer includes:
Technical translations:
Instruction manuals, service manuals, specifications for tenders, datasheets of products and systems, approvals, certification standards.
Legal translations:
Asseverations(?) and legalizations at the court of Bologna, legal stamps, etc
Public translations:
Catalogues, public messages, exhibitions brochures.
Medical texts, farmaceutical sheets and products, illustrative medical leaflets, scientific medical publications and clinical documentation.
Interpretation and translation are very close, in the general concept of linguisitc and cultural mediation. However the interpreter is not a translator. They are two professions that need different skills, although are often confused with one another. The interpreter operates in different situations, not only in conferences, but also in other professional settings, where the effectiveness of the technology allows us to offer flexible solutions. (Do you need to explain what an interpretor is? Better to just explain what you offer)
Chosing the right interpretor depends on several factors: for example the language, the number of participants and the meeting place. We can help you find the most suitable solution for your needs. All our employees are native language interpretors, highly qualified and specialized. We are always available to support you at your stand at Bologna's fairs.
Courses and prices

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